5 Reasons You Absolutely Need a UV Water Bottle

By Kate Sedrowski

If you’re not familiar with UV water bottles, you really need to be! UV water bottles, like CrazyCap, have an ultraviolet light integrated into the cap. Why is this useful? Here are the 5 reasons you need to get a UV water bottle.

1 - Get Extra Fresh Water from the Tap

While tap water should be safe, we all know that sometimes it isn’t, whether due to natural disasters or a bad water supply. But if you have a UV water bottle, you never have to worry if your water is safe to drink – whether at home or traveling abroad. With a CrazyCap UV water bottle, simply fill your bottle from the faucet, then tap the cap twice to kill 99.99% of bacteria that might be lurking in your water.

2 - Purify Water When You’re Outdoors

Do you love hiking, backpacking, and playing outside? Then a UV water bottle will be your best friend! With a CrazyCap bottle, you can purify water from any natural source, such as streams and lakes. Just dip your CrazyCap UV water bottle into the water source, then screw on the cap and tap it 5 times to go through a cycle which will kill 99.9996% of bacteria and viruses.

3 - Your UV Water Bottle Stays Squeaky Clean

You know that smell when you open up a water bottle that’s been sitting around for awhile? Well, you never have to worry about that with a UV water bottle like CrazyCap because it’s self-cleaning. Throughout the day, the CrazyCap will automatically turn on the UV light cycle to prevent mold and other nasty things from growing inside your bottle. With a UV water bottle, you can totally forget about the hassle of cleaning regular water bottles without encountering any gross surprises.

4 - Recharge Your UV Water Bottle Quickly & Easily

A UV water bottle does require recharging, but the CrazyCap makes this incredibly easy. All you have to do is place the port-less USB charger on top of the cap and plug it into any USB port. You can use it with a wall charger, a car charger, or even a solar charger if you’re out in the backcountry.

5 - Protect the Environment by Using a UV Water Bottle

One of the biggest benefits of a UV water bottle is that it replaces plastic water bottles, so it is extremely environmentally friendly. In fact, using a CrazyCap UV water bottle could replace 20,000 plastic water bottles over its lifetime usage.

Now that you know all the reasons you need a UV water bottle, it’s time to get your own CrazyCap and start taking advantage of all these benefits!

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