5 Reasons You Should Always Keep CrazyCap in Your Pack

When you’re hitting the trail for a day hike or a backpacking trip, you want to carry only the essentials – and that includes CrazyCap! Here’s why you should always have CrazyCap in your pack when you’re heading on an outdoor adventure.

1 - You Can Drink from Any Water Source

Clean, safe water is crucial when you’re adventuring outdoors, and CrazyCap provides the perfect way to drink from any water source you encounter on the trail.

To get yourself some drinkable water, simply dip the bottle into a debris-free water source, such as a stream or a lake, to fill it. Screw on the cap, then tap 5 times to start Crazy Mode, which will kill 99.9996% of germs and bacteria (including giardia).

2 - You Can Sterilize Your Other Gear

Let’s be honest, when you’re outside, you might not be thinking too much about cleanliness. But your gear is probably getting gross, and CrazyCap can help keep it clean, so you don’t get sick and have to cut your adventure short.

Simply tap the water purification bottle cap 5 times to activate Crazy Mode and shine the UV light on to any nonporous surface you want to sterilize – from your phone to your camp cookware to your utility knife.

3 - Your Bottle Will Stay Clean

Have you ever sniffed a water bottle you left in your pack and noticed it smelled a little off? With CrazyCap, you never have to worry about your bottle getting mildewy or moldy. The cap turns on automatically every four hours to sterilize the inside of the bottle and keep it fresh.

4 - The Battery Lasts When You’re Off the Grid

If you’re out in the backcountry without access to electricity, CrazyCap can handle it. The rechargeable battery lasts for a week with regular use. Plus, if you have a portable charger with you, you can easily plug-in the USB cable to charge your CrazyCap.

5 - The Cap Fits on Other Bottles

Another advantage to having CrazyCap uv water bottle caps in your pack is that it can fit on other soda-style bottles of a similar size. So if your hiking friends don’t have a water filter of their own, you can simply screw your CrazyCap on their bottle to share some clean water.

CrazyCap is the perfect companion out on the trail, so don’t forget to put it in your pack on your next outdoor adventure!

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