UV Filtered Water bottle is Best While Traveling

Is “to travel more” one of your New Year’s resolutions? We get that - traveling can be really exciting.

However, you need to remember that if you plan on traveling to developing countries in South East Asia, Africa, or South America, drinking water is not freely available from the tap in those locations.

Having constant access to clean drinkable water is a luxury we often take for granted. That could be one of the first, quite dangerous, cultural differences. Having access to drinkable water is something worth thinking about ahead of time.

UV light water bottle best for traveling

Travel Light with UV Light Water Bottle

Yes, the bottled water is available to buy from the local shops, however, if you plan on mountain trekking a full day in the sun, we talk about carrying an extra 5-6L of water just to stay hydrated. That’s 5-6kg of more weight on your back!

It doesn’t sound that exciting. After all - you want to enjoy yourself on your trip, not feel like a part-time camel!

Save on Plastic Waste

Then there’s an issue of discarding the empty water bottles somewhere - we’ve all seen the images of soiled tropical beaches, lined with plastic bottles and straws…

What’s the solution?

I’m glad you asked.

Water purifiers and water filters offer the best of both worlds - clean, safe water anytime, without destroying our precious environment in the process.

However, each water filtration system on the market varies, some might actually leave you with foul-tasting water and major stomach problems. While they are more expensive than reusable water bottles and may involve a little bit more maintenance, they will make a huge difference for your peace of mind during your trip.

What things to look for when choosing your water filtration bottle?

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First and foremost, you’d want your UV light water bottle to kill various bacteria, cysts, microorganisms, and viruses. You’d also want something that won’t give your water chemical aftertaste - which can happen with some of the filtration systems.

Kill bacteria, viruses & improve the taste

That’s why we’d recommend looking for a purification bottle that removes any particulates, chlorine, and metals, so your water tastes better.

Also, the bottle needs to be lightweight and easy to carry - it needs to be travel-friendly. Look for UV light water bottles that are made from light materials and come equipped with carrier clip you can attach to your belt or a backpack.

Some low-quality filtered water bottles are designed to improve only the taste of the water. However, they won’t remove any of the harmful bacteria or viruses.

These filtration systems won’t be suitable if you plan on traveling to the country with no drinkable tap water, or plan on taking your bottle on a full day trek. These bottles are best to use in the city, where the tap water is safe to drink, but it simply tastes bad.

A much better choice is a better-quality filter that will remove minerals, particles, protozoa [a large single-celled organism] and even bacteria. If you plan on trekking in the wilderness, away from the human population, then these filtered bottles are perfect.

The problem with water filters is that you have to remove and clean them regularly - otherwise, it might affect their performance - they won’t filter the water as effectively and might actually leave some of the harmful viruses behind...

Self-cleaning UV light water bottle

If you want a one-stop solution and peace of mind for your travels, then a UV light water bottle is the ideal choice for you.

This self-cleaning bottle from the CrazyCap doesn’t need changing the filter - it purifies the water using the UV light hidden in the cap.

The light is powerful enough to kill germs, bacteria, and viruses. This system is even used in hospitals to disinfect surfaces!

The best part is that this bottle is the lowest maintenance - it doesn’t need any cleaning to remove harmful mold, and you charge it like your phone, using a USB plug.

On the plus side, a single charge can last up to 7 days - it can last you the whole trip!

Having access to safe drinkable water couldn’t be any easier

UV light water bottle not only purifies questionable tap water - it’s powerful enough to make even water from the river or a lake safe to drink - using the 5 x times Crazy Mode Sterilization.

Lightweight Material

Another thing to look for when buying your water purification bottle is the material.

We talk about carrying this bottle with you - even a few ounces can make a difference when you plan a full-day trek.

Glass bottles are one of the safest - they don’t transfer harmful chemicals to your water as plastic - read more about it here: 9 Tips for Living with Less Plastic. While being safe, they’re not that practical when traveling - glass is heavy and can be easily crushed if your backpack gets dropped or thrown by the airport carrier [we’ve all seen this happening].

Metal bottles are slowly increasing in popularity, however, they are still few and far in between on the market.

Plastic bottles are light, packable, and don’t break easily. That’s the perfect lightweight travel-friendly material. Plastic however often contains a harmful chemical, like BPA [Bisphenol A], that can affect the functioning of hormones and can be linked to heart disease, fertility problems and also cause impotence.

When shopping for your UV light water bottle, always make sure to pick the one made from BPA-free plastic and one that has been laboratory tested and certified.

Additionally, the powerful UV light purification technology is contained within the rechargeable cap - meaning you can buy it on its own and use it with your own favorite water bottle. The cap fits the majority of cola-style water bottles available on the market.

Also, don’t forget your silicone carrier with a carabiner clip to safely secure your CrazyCap UV light water bottle to your backpack or a belt and travel hands-free.

That’s really vital if you want to hike, climb mountains, and want instant hydration without constantly taking your backpack on and off.

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