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In this smart high-tech world, you can transfer funds with a click and order shoes with a swipe, so it was only a matter of time before you could purify water with a tap. Smart water purifiers have arrived, and they are making travelers’ lives oh-so-easy. CrazyCap is a reusable water bottle Cap with a rechargeable sterilizer. Replace your standard water bottle cap (Such as S’well, Mira, Simple Modern, Chilly’s, Manna, etc.,) with CrazyCap, and tap the cap twice to purify your water. Its special auto-cleaning feature annihilates bacteria, mold, and algae. If you are a permanent tourist and daily hiker like me, your life just became a thousand times easier and safer.

What is the core technology behind the CrazyCap?

The CrazyCap uses a powerful deep UV light-based sterilization (278 nm) method to tackle the harmful bacterial, viral, etc., contaminants. This technology does not use harsh chemicals or any replaceable filters. The magic happens just using its built-in deep UVC LED light. It is meant not only to kill the harmful germs in your water but also inside the bottle. This zero-maintenance water purification system is a perfect gift.

Water purification using Iodine tablet and physical replaceable filters is old century

In the past, water purification tablets were my favorite travel accessories. Some kill cryptosporidium, but most irritate my throat, with no bonus points awarded for their taste. Dysentery is a serious threat, so burn or no burn, water safety comes first. With CrazyCap, my ordinary water bottle became a roving purification device, and it took no extra space in my luggage. With a 30-day battery life, I could extend overnight hikes without a worry in the world.

CrazyCap is the best zero-maintenance portable water purifier

UV systems are chemical-free, odor-free and do not affect the taste. They are renowned for their effectiveness, destroying 99.9999% of disease-causing microbes. CrazyCap achieves sterilization up to 99.999% in just two minutes. Full 3-rd party study report for sterilization on e.coli can be found here. CrazyCap takes the technology to new innovation heights through a series of purification efficacies, all the way up to Crazy Mode, which tackles the toughest contamination. One battery life filters 18 liters of river water. I’m a heavy water user, and even I got by with a single charge. Manufacturer, Microlyscs, estimates that one CrazyCap packs ten years of sterilization into every device.  

Get your CrazyCap today with a risk-free 30-day return policy.

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