Can the UVC Light in Your CrazyCap Kill Coronavirus?

CrazyCap was developed with integrated UV light technology to sterilize water. As a recent article from the BBC explains, UV rays are proven to kill microorganisms, such as bacteria and viruses. This means that you can actually use your CrazyCap to sterilize non-porous surfaces and kill the Covid-19 virus. 

Here is how UV light works to sterilize – and how you can use it to help protect yourself from the coronavirus.

The Different Types of UV Light

UVA is the main type of UV light that reaches earth. It can penetrate deeply into skin and is responsible for most skin damage.

UVB light causes sunburns and can lead to skin cancer since it actually is capable of harming the DNA in our skin. 

UVC  (also known as Deep UV or DUV) light is lesser known because the atmosphere usually prevents it from reaching humans on earth. However, the short wavelength of UVC light means it is capable of killing genetic material. CrazyCap uses a far UVC wavelength of light, it can provide the same effect of killing viruses, pathogens, and bacteria but without harmful effects on the human skin. As far UVC wavelength of light does not penetrate the skin or deep tissue.

Why UVC Is Special? 

CrazyCap uses UVC light, which is designed to cause no damage to human tissue while still being capable of killing viruses and bacteria. The length of the UVC light waves used in CrazyCap are 278 nm, which sits at the optimal point on the 260nm-280nm light spectrum to provide maximum disinfecting ability. 

The way the UVC light works is by actually entering the microbial cell and destroying the nucleic acids, making the cells no longer viable. This is similar to the process of boiling water, a technique which has been used throughout history to make water safe for consumption.

While many tests have been run to show the capability of UVC light to kill a variety of viruses and bacteria, companies are now beginning to test UVC light against the coronavirus as well. A new test at Korea University in Seoul demonstrated that certain UVC LED lights eliminated up to 99.9% of the SARS-COV-2 virus with a 30-second light treatment from three centimeters away.

How to Use CrazyCap to Sterilize Surfaces?

While CrazyCap is designed to disinfect water to provide access to clean water wherever you are, you can also use the UVC light in your CrazyCap to sterilize surfaces, especially those surfaces that you are concerned might be contaminated by the coronavirus.  To do so, unscrew the Crazy Cap from your bottle (but be sure to avoid looking directly at the UV light during this process). Then simply tap the CrazyCap five times to enter CrazyMode sterilization and shine the light over the surface you want to sterilize. Move it over the surface while the light is on, and keep the light approximately 4 inches from the surface to provide optimum sterilization.

To keep yourself and your family safe from the Covid-19 virus, you can use your CrazyCap to sterilize your phone after you’ve been outside, your countertops after you’ve unloaded groceries, or plastic or other non-porous packages that you bring into your home.


Thanks to the UVC light technology in CrazyCap, you can have clean water and clean surfaces while you protect yourself from the coronavirus.

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