Different Types of Water Bottles

Water bottles come in all different shapes, sizes, materials, price, and all other sorts! In this article we’ll compare the main types of reusable water bottles so you can determine the right one for you.

Plastic- light and portable, these bottles are typically found with different athletes. While it is a very affordable option, its heavy plastic can be harmful as it “leaks” into whatever you’re drinking. Not to mention that if you’re putting things other than water in it, the bottle will likely smell after a bit.

Stainless steel- fairly light and affordable, these are the go to option for reusable bottles. Its steel is durable when dropped but dents will likely occur. With it having no known health risks and with special options such as insulation, this is a go to option to look for.

Aluminum- Extremely lightweight and affordable, aluminum also is a fairly durable material though not as much as stainless steel. However since aluminum itself can be toxic in foods, the inside of aluminum bottles are outlined with plastic, posing similar risks and conditions of a plastic bottle.  

We hope you found this information on the different types of water bottles helpful in finding the best water bottle for your lifestyle! At WAATR, we are committed to a sustainable solution to providing clean and safe water to people across the globe. With our science backed and innovative water caps and bottles, you can have confidence the water you drink from us is safe, clean, and premium!

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