Electrolytes, What are They?

Many beverages you’ll find in convenience stores will advertise them as being full of electrolytes and that they will properly quench your thirst, but what does that really mean? Beyond all the sugar and other additions, electrolytes do have an important place in our bodily function, which is what we’ll be discussing in this article!

Electrolytes include minerals such as sodium and potassium that are important for bodily function. When it comes to your body’s hydration, electrolytes regulate your pH levels, muscles, and nervous system control. If you don’t have enough electrolytes in your body, you can find yourself fatigued and more prone to muscle cramps and low energy.

Our body’s naturally lose electrolytes through sweat and urine, so how do we need special beverages to replace these? Electrolytes are replaced naturally through having a balanced diet. This includes foods high in these minerals such as sodium, calcium, and potassium as well as ensuring you are staying hydrated with water. Though if you are undergoing long strenuous physical activity in hot and humid weather, electrolyte beverages can do a great job in ensuring you stay in top shape during the duration of the activity.

We hope you found this information on electrolytes insightful onto their purpose and benefits! At WAATR, we are committed to a sustainable solution to providing clean and safe water to people across the globe. With our science backed and innovative water caps and bottles, you can have confidence the water you drink from us is safe, clean, and premium!

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