How to Choose the Coolest Water Bottle For You

(By Kate Sedrowski)

What’s a useful accessory that you bring with you everywhere? A water bottle, of course! Sure, you carry it around to keep you hydrated, but it doesn’t need to be boring to be functional. Here’s how to choose the coolest water bottle to make hydrating more fun and less of a chore!

The Coolest Water Bottle Comes in Cool Colors

First of all, you can express your style through your choice of water bottle! From bright colors to sophisticated patterns, there’s no need to be basic when you’re looking for the coolest water bottle. Of course, if you like a sleek black bottle, there’s nothing basic about that!

You can go sophisticated with a pretty wood grain or marble design, or you can get crazy and really personalize a solid color water bottle with lots of stickers. The choice is yours!

Insulated Water Bottles are Literally Cool

If you want a water bottle that is literally the coolest, then make sure you get an insulated water bottle. Keeping your water or other beverage ice cold makes it so much more refreshing on a hot day.

A basic plastic water bottle will quickly absorb heat from the sun or the environment and transfer it to your water, making it warm up. But a bottle like the CrazyCap is designed with a double-walled, vacuum insulation to keep the contents inside cold for up to 24 hours. 

Self-Cleaning Water Bottles Are Super Cool

Taking a sip from your water bottle and smelling a bad odor is definitely not cool. And seeing mold growing in your bottle is just gross! But we all know that water bottles can be surprisingly difficult to keep clean. If you’re tired of the hassle of cleaning an awkwardly shaped water bottle, a self-cleaning water bottle solves this problem, making it one of the coolest water bottles you can buy.

The CrazyCap water bottle uses a UV-C light embedded in the cap to keep your water bottle clean. The light turns on automatically throughout the day and runs a cycle which disinfects the bottle, killing any microorganisms and germs that might be lurking in your bottle. So you never have to worry about what you find (or smell) when you open your CrazyCap – you’ll always find clean, fresh water, without ever having to remember to clean the bottle yourself.


Check out CrazyCap to get yourself one of the coolest water bottles around!

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