How to Clean Your Portable Water Purifier?

Could using your portable water purifier without washing it be a danger to your health?

The Doctors investigate what is really living in your unwashed water bottle. Read the full story here.

Washing Your Portable Water Purifier

The traditional way of cleaning water bottles has many disadvantages. Never fear, because there’s a new process of sterilizing cola-style water bottles that harnesses the latest UVC sterilization technology. UVC is a light in a special spectrum of wavelength i.e, 200-280nm. It’s crazy fast, easy, chemical-free, filter-less, and non-toxic. Compare for yourself and then choose the revolutionary system of safe and effective cleaning.

Dish Soap Cleaning Method

The dish soap way of a water bottle is too time-consuming and painful. To remove all traces of soap residue, you must rinse your bottle several times. After that, you might think your bottle is clean if there’s no mildew smell. The reality is, cleaning it with dish soap doesn’t mean it’s truly void of harmful germs. And not to mention about the annoying soap smell after rinsing.

Most dish soaps are full of harmful chemicals such as the carcinogen—formaldehyde, unnatural food dyes, triclosan which is a synthetic antibacterial agent, and detergents. It’s a fact that detergents, instead of soaps are commonly found in dish soaps. Reported allergic reactions include skin irritation, respiratory problems, and nervous system effects to say the least.

Bottle Cleaning BrushCleaning Method

Since it’s chemical-free, brushes are great at removing stuck-on food and leaving no visible residue. There are a countless number of brushes available on Amazon specifically designed for various bottle shapes. With brushes, however, using them could be very tricky. Due to slick and narrow bottle designs, it is very hard to reach all the corners inside the bottle.

These brush blind spots are perfect places for growing and multiplying nasty viruses, mold, and bacteria. When you use a brush to clean your water bottle, it might move germs around without eliminating them. Brushes don’t disinfect!

Combination Methods: Natural Cleaning Solution or Dish Soap and a Brush

Water bottle smells may still linger when using dish soap/natural solutions and a brush together. If your water bottle smells moldy or vinegary after you’ve cleaned it, there’s a reason for that. It will take several rinses to remove the smell of mold or vinegar from your favorite water bottle. Overall, it will take more time to make it germ-free.  This truth alone makes the brush and cleaning solution combination technique inconvenient, not smart and non-practical.

CrazyCap For Cola-Style Bottle by Microlyscs

The best way to clean over traditional methods is CrazyCap. It sterilizes by using UVC LED light-ray technology by LG®. It’s convenient, cleans quickly, and removes harmful and smelly bacteria. CrazyCap eliminates bacteria and mold in cola-style bottles with sterilization of up to 99.9999 percent. No old-style routine comes close to that in terms of sanitizing power, timeliness, and ease of use.

CrazyCap is compatible with a majority of cola-style water bottle brands. Most popular brands include MIRA, Simple Modern, Aorin, S’Well, BonBon, LiveLifeLong, Inosu, SunSella, Sportsneer, etc.,

How to Use CrazyCap?

Simply replace your bottle cap with CrazyCap and relax. Two minutes later, your water bottle is ready. Crazy Cap destroys about 9 million harmful biological cells in water bottles with a capacity of up to 17 ounces. And this rate is even powerful and faster in small volume bottles such as 12 ounces, and 9 ounces.

Another day without sterilizing your cola-style water bottle the right way is too risky. With Auto-clean technology you don’t have to work, it works for you 24X7. Keeping your bottle and the water free of germs. Enjoy peace of mind for yourself and your family today.

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