How to Pick the Perfect Sports Water Bottle

(By Kate Sedrowski)

If you love to workout and stay active, you know that keeping hydrated is crucial. Any athlete will tell you that they have a favorite sports water bottle – but how do you choose the right water bottle for you?

Why You Need a Sports Water Bottle

First of all, why is it so important to drink water while you’re exercising? When you sweat, you lose water and become dehydrated. Your muscles need water to function properly, so drinking water during a workout will help you go harder and perform better.

If you have a sports water bottle with you while you’re working out, you’re more likely to reach for it and remember to take a drink when you need it.

How to Choose a Sports Water Bottle

You’ll find a wide variety of sports water bottles to choose from, so how do you decide? There are a few important factors to take into consideration when picking your perfect sports water bottle.

You definitely want a sports water bottle that’s easy to drink from on the go. Look for a bottle that’s easy to grip and not slippery, with an opening that won’t spill all over you when you take a sip.

When you’re in the middle of a tough workout and sweating like crazy, nothing beats an ice cold gulp of water. To keep your water cold, look for an insulated water bottle which can keep your water cold for up to 24 hours. Insulated bottles like CrazyCap are especially handy in hot yoga or when you’re exercising outside in the summer.

In fact, CrazyCap water bottles are an especially great choice for outdoor athletes. Hikers, trail runners, climbers and anyone who spends lots of time in nature will appreciate the ability to sterilize water from any source. If you run out of water on the trail, you can simply fill up your CrazyCap bottle and tap the cap 5 times to kill 99.9996% of bacteria.

Keeping Your Sports Water Bottle Clean

Have you ever pulled your sports water bottle out of your gym bag only to gag when you open it up? Mold can easily build up inside a water bottle if you don’t clean it regularly. Honestly, that can be a hassle with some water bottles, since they can be difficult to fully clean, and you need special brushes or tablets to make sure they’re sparkling.

But CrazyCap bottles are self-cleaning! Throughout the day, the CrazyCap performs a sterilizing cycle with its integrated UV light which kills any gross mold or bacteria. All you have to do to keep your CrazyCap clean is to recharge the battery once a week or so.

For an awesome insulated, self-cleaning sports water bottle, grab a cool CrazyCap bottle!

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