How to Properly Clean your Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles have so many pluses compared to a plastic one, from temperature regulation to style, there is so much more they can do! The one thing they may fall short on is convenience, having to clean your water bottle can be a hassle, but with its overwhelming benefits it's a necessary part. In this article, we’ll discuss how often you should be washing your water bottle and how to wash it properly!

When it comes to frequency, you should be washing your water bottle everyday ideally. Dark and moist areas especially are powerful breeding grounds for bacteria and mold so frequent washing is a great way to combat that. Material doesn’t matter either, whether stainless steel or aluminum, washing is a must.

To wash your bottle, having a bottle brush is extremely helpful, especially if your bottle has a narrow mouth. Use hot water and dish soap for the lid, bottle, and any other accessories like straws. Afterwards, ensure they are dried before putting the bottle back together. If necessary, you can allow your bottle to soak for a bit with water and soap, just ensure the lid is closed and that it doesn’t remain sitting for long!

We hope you found this information on when and how to clean your water bottle useful in your life! At WAATR, we are committed to a sustainable solution to providing clean and safe water to people across the globe. With our science backed and innovative water caps and bottles, you can have confidence the water you drink from us is safe, clean, and premium!

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