Hydrate & Climb Harder

Have you ever been lowered down off a climbing route after trying hard and the first thing you want to do is guzzle water? Hydration is key to climbing hard, and ux of Dehydration

If you want to send your project, you definitely don’t want to be dehydrated. Dehydration can cause cramping and fatigue, and neither of those things is conducive to performing at a high level on the wall.

If it’s sunny and hot out, you need even more water because you’ll be sweating a lot, and sweating does more than just cause you to grease off holds. It causes your body to lose water, and you need to replenish that fluid.

So how do you stay properly hydrated when you’re concentrating on climbing?

Drink Water During Your Climbing Day

If you’re spending a day bouldering or single-pitch cragging, it’s easier to stay hydrated. Keep a water bottle around and drink from it when you’re thirsty. CrazyCap’s self cleaning water bottle makes it easy to have clean, fresh water on hand – without ever having to worry about cleaning your bottle when you come home from the crag!

The CrazyCap automatically sterilizes and cleans your water bottle throughout the day, so it doesn’t develop mold or that smell that you often discover in a water bottle left stuffed in your pack for days.

It’s also a great idea to have some water right before you jump on your climb, and quench your thirst again once you come down.

Bring Plenty of Water on Multi-Pitches

If you’re headed up a multi-pitch climb, always bring water with you, even if it’s not a big wall. You might be worried about saving weight on the climb, but not bringing water is not the best way to do that. You’ll certainly regret it when you’re facing a dry mouth at the belay station or muscle cramps on the last pitch. CrazyCap can fit in your daypack or clip onto your harness to make it easy.

Be Prepared in the Backcountry

When you’re going on an alpine climbing adventure into the backcountry, it’s even more crucial to make sure you have plenty of water. This is where CrazyCap is really useful. With a deep UV light integrated water bottle cap, you can fill up your bottle from a stream or any other water source, tap 5 times on the cap for CrazyMode, and drink safe and sterilized water within a couple minutes.

So next time you’re out climbing, pay attention to your hydration, and you will find yourself climbing harder and feeling better.

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