HydroCap - A UV-C Powered Replacement Lid For Hydro Flask, Iron Flask, Klean-Kanteen, and Many Other Wide-Mouth Bottles


Wide-mouth Hydro Flasks are awesome for taking around town or bringing out into the backcountry. And if you’re loyal to your HydroFlask water bottle, you can upgrade your cap with the HydroCap replacement lid with UV purifier. Not only does it fit Hydro Flask bottles, but it also fits Iron Flask, Simple Modern, MIRA, TAKEYA, Klean-Kanteen, FIFTY/FIFTY, ThermoFlask, etc.


HydroCap - UV-C Bottle Cap for Wide Mouth Bottles.

Ensure Clean Water with Every Sip from Your Hydro Flask

The HydroCap fits on most wide-mouth Hydro Flask water bottles, and it is a serious upgrade to your favorite Hydro Flask lid since it contains an integrated UV purifier. The HydroCap contains patented dual UV-C LEDs spatially separated to provide maximum purification against a wide range of bio-contaminants. HydroCap has been independently tested by ISO certified laboratories on E. coli and Nontuberculous Mycobacteria (NTM) in the water. Both of the tests show a significant reduction of bacteria (i.e., >99.99999% for E.coli and 99.8% for NTM) in Pro Mode which is a 3 minute high-dose UV-C treatment cycle. 


HydroCap - on a 64 Oz Iron Flask bottle.


This means you can get water from a wide range of sources – from questionable tap water to an outdoor mountain stream – and know that your water is safe to drink after being purified with the HydroCap. Note: While picking your water source, please make sure it’s clear of any debri material which can block the UV-C light path, and in turn, affect its ability to treat the water. HydroCap comes extremely handy when you are traveling as it can ensure every refill is UV-C treated to avoid water related illnesses including traveler's diarrhea.  Say goodbye to plastic water bottles and live a true eco-conscious lifestyle.

Clean Your HydroFlask the Easy Way

Even though wide-mouth Hydro Flasks are easier to clean than many other water bottles with narrow mouths, you still have to remember to clean your water bottle. That’s where HydroCap comes in – the cap replaces the regular Hydro Flask lid and automatically self-cleans your water bottle with a UV-C light integrated in the cap.


HydroCap - on a 32 Oz ThermoFlask bottle.


Has your water bottle ever smelled bad or musty? That’s mold growing inside the bottle from your saliva backwash. Dr. Oz referred to reusable bottles as being “dirtier than dog toys” due to the bacteria that the bottle collects from our mouths. The UV-C lights in the HydroCap will blast the inside of your water bottle for a few seconds every hour to keep it clean and prevent mold growth.

Stay Charged on the Go

If you’re always running around, the HydroCap can keep up with your busy schedule. Thanks to a port-less magnetic USB charger, you can recharge your HydroCap on the go with any USB outlet. Plus, it stays charged for a long time with an intelligent power system. The beauty of a port-less charger is not having any USB ports on the bottle cap. They are not only aesthetically unpleasing, but can create a safety risk as water can leak into the port. 


HydroCap - Sustainable Hydration On-the-go.

Never Forget to Hydrate

Are you the type of person who carries around a water bottle all day but forgets to actually drink from it? The HydroCap can help with that! The smart hydration feature reminds you to take a sip (or several) so that you remain hydrated throughout the day.



Upgrade your favorite wide-mouth bottle cap with a HydroCap and embrace a true eco-conscious lifestyle!

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