Iowa Officials Monitoring Water Supply After Large Fuel Leak

An unattended fuel station in the town of Eldora “leaked an estimated 7,500 gallons of gasoline into the ground last week,” according to The Gazette. Iowa state officials are now in the process of determining if that gasoline reached the groundwater and contaminated the water supply. Eldora gets its drinking water supply from two wells which are located a half mile away from the leak.

Town of North Attleboro to Receive $4.5 Million from State of Massachusetts to Reduce PFAS Levels

North Attleboro is one of three towns in the state of Massachusetts to receive an interest-free loan to upgrade its water supply infrastructure and bring PFAS levels down to state-acceptable levels. In North Attleboro, the $4.5 million will be used to construct a treatment facility at the Adamdale well, according to The Sun Chronicle.

Last fall, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection established maximum PFAS levels at 20 parts per trillion. This week, the Massachusetts Clean Water Trust approved $20.6 million in loans to help towns reach these levels.

Fertilizer Plant Fire Could Lead to Contamination of the Water Supply in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

The Winston-Salem Journal reports that ammonium nitrate from a fertilizer plant fire could potentially reach creeks feeding the Yadkin River and contaminate the water supply by causing toxic algae to bloom. According to Hans Paerl, a professor at the UNC Institute of Marine Sciences, ““It all depends how much ammonium nitrate makes it through.”

500 tons of ammonium nitrate were stored at the Winston Weaver Co., and firefighters were still attempting to contain the flames on Thursday. Steady rain in the area may cause even more chemical runoff to enter the water system.

Boil Water Advisory Issued for Parts of Pennsylvania, New York, and North Carolina

Low chlorine levels have led to a boil water advisory for more than a week in Cooper Township in Pennsylvania, and the advisory is expected to continue until at least next Tuesday, according to The Progress. Gas chlorine typically used to treat the water froze overnight in cold temperatures, causing the chlorine levels in the water supply to drop to a level that is unacceptable by the state Department of Environmental Protection standards.

Some customers in Fultonville, New York have been put under a boil water advisory after a water main break. Crews are currently working to repair the break and restore a clean water supply.

In the Hawthorn Hills area of Hendersonville, North Carolina, the pump at the pump station that feeds the water supply is malfunctioning. This issue has led to a boil water advisory until the pump can be repaired.

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