PureMax 4D: Revolutionizing Water Purification with UV-C LED & Filter Technology

Product image showing Revolutionizing showing PureMax 4D bottle with  Purification with UV-C LED & Filter TechnologyThe Power of UV-C LED & Filter Integration

The WAATR PureMax 4D Filtered Self-Cleaning Water Bottle showcases the exceptional benefits of combining a UV-C LED and a filter for water purification, with the UV-C LED applied first, followed by filters. This state-of-the-art system offers a multitude of advantages, guaranteeing access to safe, clean, and delicious drinking water anywhere.

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Image: PureMax 4D Filter Options

Here are 6 reasons why the fusion of a UV-C LED and a filter is superior for water purification using the PureMax 4D water bottle:

UV-C Pre-treatment

The dual 20mW UV-C LED lights neutralize harmful microorganisms in the water before it moves through the filters. This process minimizes microbial contamination and biofilm formation on the filters, prolonging their effectiveness.

Thorough purification

Post UV-C treatment, mechanical filters remove various contaminants, including heavy metals, chemicals, and particulates. This two-step process ensures water is devoid of both biological hazards and physical impurities.

Increased efficiency

UV-C LED pre-treatment reduces the microbial load, enabling filters to work more effectively. With fewer microorganisms, filters can concentrate on eliminating particles, turbidity, and other contaminants, resulting in superior water quality.

Superior taste and quality

The synergy of UV disinfection and mechanical filtration ensures not only safe drinking water but also remarkably enhanced taste, odor, and appearance. The Purist filter employs coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin for contaminant reduction and particulate removal, the Artesian filter utilizes a unique blend of minerals to elevate water flavor, and the Alkaline filter optimizes the pH to 9.2, providing additional health advantages.


PureMax 4D offers three filter options, allowing users to tailor their water purification experience to their preferences and needs. This versatility ensures optimal water quality for each individual.

Portability and convenience

Incorporating a UV-C LED and filter into a portable water bottle like PureMax 4D lets users enjoy clean, safe drinking water on the go. The bottle's self-cleaning feature, powered by UV-C LED technology, maintains cleanliness and keeps harmful microorganisms at bay.

Person holding PureMax 4DImage: PureMax 4D - 32 oz bottle


the WAATR PureMax 4D Self-Cleaning Water Bottle exemplifies the advantages of using a UV-C LED and a filter for water purification. This comprehensive approach yields safe, clean, and delicious water while granting users versatility, convenience, and heightened efficiency.

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