Replacement Cap For Your Cola-Style Water Bottle

Best replacement for reusable bottles such as S’well, MIRA, Simple Modern, etc.,

Reusable water bottles are always a smart choice when compared to single-use plastic water bottles for numerous reason. Millions of disposable plastic water bottles are added daily to landfills all over the world. Plastic bottles not only pollute the streets of our cities or towns but they also find their way into our oceans, slowly decimating our marine life. It’s estimated that the level of plastic particles in the ocean will exceed the number of fish by 2050. It’s abundantly clear that our reliance on plastic is wreaking havoc on the future of our planet.

You may think that buying plastic bottled water is the easiest way to get clean and safe water. The International Bottled Water Association says that, in 2009 alone, more than 8 billion gallons of it were consumed in the United States. Meanwhile, studies like the one from the Dr. Oz show concluded that more than 25% of the branded water bottles tested are simply filled with tap water. To make matters worse, there are no mandatory regulations, oversight or safety standards to produce these bottles. It is totally up to manufacturers to self-regulate. This results in brands like Dasani, Aquafina, and Nestle pure life sourcing water from local water supplies to sell back to the people.

Not to mention the amount of money spent on bottled water in the United States alone is the size of the GDP of Jamaica. By filling your reusable water bottles with tap water you are not only protecting the environment, but you are also saving money!

Below are some challenging reasons why people may prefer using bottled water over reusable water;

  • Reusable water bottles smell like mildew with usage over time
  • Custom bottle brushes, including durable nylon bristles or straw brushes, may not clean hard to reach areas
  • Washing with vinegar or letting it sit overnight in warm or hot water is tedious, time-consuming and smelly
  • If not properly rinsed, using dish soaps loaded with chemicals and fragrances may result in toxic side effects with a noticeable soapy aftertaste

What if there was a single solution to address these challenges and promote the use of reusable bottles while ensuring your tap water is free from harmful bacteria and viruses? This may be a challenging question to answer, but if you are a cola-style water bottle user, we might know the answer. It’s the CracyCap!!

What is a CrazyCap?

CracyCap is a replacement cap for your cola-style bottle. It’s a game-changing auto-cleaner that frees you from all these challenging problems once and for all!  Powered with advanced UVC light-ray technology, CrazyCap can kill 99.9999% of bacteria and mold, and 99.99% of viruses. Just replace the cola-style bottle cap with a CrazyCap, and let the Auto-clean work it’s magic. Auto-Clean runs every 4 hours to maintain constant sterilization of your cola-style bottle. This means – chemical-free, antiviral, antibacterial and residue-free cleaning done for you. On-demand sterilization mode can be activated with the touch of a button to sterilize any questionable water supply when traveling abroad or on camping trips. A single charge can keep this automated process going for up to 30 days. Keeping your bottle and water clean so you don’t have to. Next time when you are looking for a sale on the cola-style water bottle, don’t forget to think about CrazyCap. It’s the best cola-style water bottle accessory period!

Say goodbye to stinky bottles and questionable water and say hello to easy, automatic, chemical-free sterilization!

What is UVC sterilization?

Ultraviolet (UV) light is being used for decades for disinfecting and sterilizing water at hospitals and industrial facilities. UVC is a specific spectrum of light within UV. This specific spectrum of light is found to have maximum sterilization effect. Now, this technology can be safely used in your bottle with CrazyCap. Your cola-style bottle can now destroy over 9 million strains of harmful bacteria in just two minutes. For more information on how UVC sterilization works please click here.

At Microlyscs, we put countless hours into research and development to solve the common challenges of reusable water bottles. We hope our solution will greatly increase the demand for reusable water bottles and make a powerful, longlasting impact on the wellbeing of our planet. Although bottled water may be vital under certain circumstances, we hope you think twice before reaching for one.

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