1 in 10 People in Mississippi Had Illegal Contaminants in Their Drinking Water Since 2018

1 in 10 People in Mississippi Had Illegal Contaminants in Their Drinking Water Since 2018

An investigation by Mississippi Today revealed that state health department and Environmental Protection Agency reports “found 31 utilities serving 328,000 residents with contamination violations since 2018.” The most common contaminants found in the water were disinfectant byproducts, or DBPs. These contaminants exceeded legal limits in water provided to 278,000 Mississippi residents. Other contaminants found in the water include arsenic and radium.

City of Dover Reaches Settlement with Metal Recycler Who Polluted City Aquifer

New England Metal Recycling, Inc., was fined $2.7 million last year for a hazardous waste violation which polluted the Pudding Hill aquifer in Dover, NH with PFAs. The aquifer provided 40% of the city’s water, so now “the company will pay more than $13 million to build and operate a new water treatment facility,” according to the Associated Press.

After 3 years, the city of Dover will plan to take control of operating the new Pudding Hill Water Treatment Facility. However, if water contamination levels continue to be elevated, New England Metal Recycling will be responsible for the annual operating costs of $295,000 until a drop in contamination levels is seen.

All Operations Paused at Hawaii Navy Facility During Investigation of Petroleum in Drinking Water 

Water contamination reported last week at Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam in Hawaii is being attributed to the Red Hill Bulk Fuel Storage facility, and an investigation has begun into the cause of the contamination. The fuel storage facility is located just 100 feet above the Red Hill aquifer, which is the source of drinking water for the naval base.

According to WDSU, “testing revealed petroleum hydrocarbons and vapors in the water,” and a Navy official confirmed that the cause was a petroleum leak. More than 700 people needed to be evacuated from their homes, and they had reported a strong odor of fuel and were suffering from symptoms including vomiting, burning skin pain, strong headaches, and other digestive issues.

Boil Water Advisory Issued in Parts of Indiana, Michigan, and New York

A water main break in the city of Bloomington, IN has led to a boil water advisory for 18 properties in the immediate area. A neighborhood in Holland, MI has also issued a boil water advisory for 9 properties.

In Oswego, NY, the villages of Sandy Creek and Lacona were put under a boil water advisory by the county health department after it was determined that the water disinfection system had malfunctioned.

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