Toxic Chemical Found in Drinking Water Supply for More than 13 Million People on the East Coast

A high level of a plastic manufacturing chemical, 1,4-Dioxane, was found in the Delaware River in 2020, contaminating the water supply of 13 million people in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Delaware. Politico reports that a study into how this contamination occurred showed that “someone clearly sent the chemical into the river” and a gap in federal and state regulations let the contamination end up in the water supply.

Currently, no federal regulations limit the level of 1,4-Dioxane in drinking water. New Jersey is proposing regulations to limit the chemical.

Sonoma County Residents Urged to Test Water Due to Two Year Drought

A two year drought has led to lower than normal groundwater levels in Sonoma County, California. According to the Press Democrat, county health officials are recommending that residents who rely on well water test their wells for contamination.

Low water levels can lead to a higher than recommended level of naturally occurring contaminants, including arsenic, nitrates and hexavalent chromium. These contaminants are more diluted when the water levels are higher.

Federal Grant Provides Free Water Testing Kits to Residents of Wayne County, Pennsylvania

Penn State Extension has received a federal grant to provide free water testing kits to some residents of Wayne County in Pennsylvania. People who rely on well water are eligible to sign up for the program and receive a testing kit. They will be given instructions to collect a sample which will be sent to a lab to determine any contamination that might be present.

Boil Water Advisory Issued for Parts of Kentucky, Mississippi, & South Carolina

Strangely colored water has led to a boil water advisory in Livingston, Kentucky.  While tests are being done to determine the cause of the coloring in the water, residents in the entire area served by Livingston Municipal Water Works are advised to boil their water.

In Hattiesburg, Mississippi, a damaged water pipe has resulted in a boil water advisory for a couple hundred residents who get their water from the Arnold Line Water Association. Crews are currently working to repair the pipe and restore clean water to the community.

A private contractor caused damage to a water main in Florence, South Carolina, resulting in a boil water advisory for several customers until testing for contamination is completed.

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