Planning a trip? Awesome! But is the water there safe to drink?

When you’re planning an intense travel schedule, it’s easy to get lost in postcard-worthy visions of isolated tropical beaches, sunsets over unfamiliar skylines, and the myriad of incredible locations you’re likely to encounter.  

Be Safe with a Portable Water Purifier

What’s more difficult, is to remember the seemingly mundane necessities that guarantee your trip will be memorable, enjoyable, and most importantly, safe! You’re going to be packing clothes appropriate for the time of year.

You’ve got your transportation and event tickets booked. But have you thought about your water?

Depending on where you’re traveling, obtaining clean water may be the most critical issue you’ve never even considered!  

Clean Water on the Go

Destinations like Thailand, India, Africa, and Mexico are filled with rich cultural experiences and undeniably beautiful vistas.

But depending on how far you plan to explore, you may find yourself away from the sources of clean water that you’ve come to take for granted.  Ignoring these concerns about water quality could be devastating to your trip!

Is bottled water better than tap water?

Drinking bottled water may not be a fool-proof solution for ensuring safety.

In India, hired workers will salvage used plastic bottles from trash cans and public areas such as railway stations to refill with local tap water. They seal these bottles with a new cap and label to sell back to the public as new. People buy this so-called purified water not knowing the reality. A single sip of such contaminated water could leave you with a host of debilitating ailments. – from a mild case of traveler’s diarrhea to something more serious like cholera, dysentery, or salmonella.

In South Africa, fake bottled water was being produced in actual factories. Instead of filling bottles with purified water, they were filled with fire hydrant water, hoping no one tells the difference. With a fancy logo on a crisp label, it’s hard not to fall for this scam.

One of the major causes of water contamination in developing countries is simply the lack of proper infrastructure for water management. For example, in Nigeria, as of November 2018, 175 people died and 10,000 people affected by fast-spreading Cholera due to contaminated food and water.

Even in the United States, it is reported that several groundwater sources are contaminated with e.coli affecting more than 2 million people due to pollution from wastewater systems and agriculture.

Pope Francis stated in a recent water management conference in Rome that access to clean drinking water is a human right. He also mentioned that every year millions of people get sick and die from the limited supply or lack of clean water. He believes war, corruption, and financial interests are primary reasons for not providing universal access to the clean water.

Unpredicted weather conditions like hurricanes, storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis can also cause water contamination.

Whatever circumstances you may be facing on your next trip abroad, access to clean drinking water may no longer be a concern to you. The solution may be right in your water bottle! A nifty accessory called CrazyCap works with the cola-style water bottle to instantly sterilize any water source, making questionable and possibly contaminated water perfectly safe for consumption. Simply replace your cola-style water bottle cap with the Crazycap and in just a few minutes it eradicates any microorganisms that may be lurking in your water. However, it is to be noted that CrazyCap only neutralized biological contaminants like mold, bacteria, and viruses. It does not remove particulate matter or chemicals.

So how does the CrazyCap ensure water safety?

CrazyCap is powered with UVC light ray technology. Due to recent advances in UVC technology, portable water purification has never been easier. CrazyCap turns your cola-style water bottle into an auto-cleaning, antibacterial and antiviral water purification device, allowing you to drink safely from bio-contaminated water sources. Bringing a CrazyCap on your next trip can prevent a host of ailments caused by water contamination, like travelers' diarrhea.

UVC sterilization is done purely by light, leaving no toxic side effects. CrazyCap also has a great battery life.  It can last up to one month on just a single charge, making it an excellent travel companion and one of the best water bottle accessories ever made. The built-in auto-clean feature works 6 times a day for 20 seconds to keep your reusable water bottle clean so you don’t have to.

Looking for the best travel accessory for travelings?

Try adding CrazyCap portable water purifier to your bag of travel supplies before you leave for your next trip. This vital protection ensures that no matter where you get your water, you can drink confidently. A must-have for anyone who loves traveling the world and staying hydrated with their favorite cola-style water bottle.

Traveling may have its fair share of unforeseen challenges, but clean water won’t be one.  Bon Voyage!

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