Upgrade Your Hydration with a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

By Kate Sedrowski.

Although it seems like a regular water bottle should stay clean on its own, you’ll quickly learn that’s not actually the case. Open a water bottle that’s been sitting in a bag or a car for too long and the smell will let you know that something gross has been growing in there. However, a self-cleaning water bottle will ensure that your bottle and the water inside it is always fresh.

What’s Hiding Inside Your Water Bottle

Even if you only fill your bottle with water, an enclosed water bottle is still a breeding ground for bacteria and mold – and you usually can’t even see it. Have you ever taken a sip of water and immediately wanted to spit it right back out because it tastes “off?” Mold could be growing in your water bottle even if you can’t see it.

Of course, sometimes you can see it. If you look in the grooves of the cap of the bottle or the bottle itself where you take a sip and see dark residue there, that’s probably not just dirt – it’s most likely mold. And not only does mold taste and smell bad, it can actually make you sick.

But even if you know that you need to clean your water bottle to prevent mold from growing, cleaning water bottles can be a hassle, and it’s often easier to just put it off.

How a Self-Cleaning Water Bottle Works

You don’t have to worry about special bottle brushes or baking soda or chemical cleaners with a self-cleaning water bottle. A CrazyCap water bottle has an ultraviolet light integrated directly into the cap. This deep UV light works on a wavelength that sanitizes anything growing in the water bottle. In fact, the UV light in a CrazyCap self-cleaning water bottle kills 99% of the bacteria, viruses, and mold that might be lurking inside.

All you have to do is remember to charge your CrazyCap self-cleaning water bottle every week or two. And that’s super easy to do – just put the charger right on the cap and connect it to any USB wall charger or battery pack. As long as the battery is charged, the CrazyCap UV light will turn on automatically every few hours to clean the bottle, so you never have to think about it.

Upgrade from your old water bottles and always have fresh, clean water with a CrazyCap self-cleaning water bottle!

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