Deep UV Light Portable Water Purifier

People now more than ever are using their own water bottles throughout the day. Personal water bottles are great for the environment by eliminating plastic, disposable bottles, and everyone knows how important hydration is for optimum health benefits.

People take their portable water purifiers to work, to school and to exercise. Many people even fill up their water bottles before running errands or anytime they leave the house. But what about this – the bacteria and mold found on and in personal water bottles can be not only shocking but also unhealthy.

Bacteria in Plastic Bottles

In a study done on reusable water bottles and the bacteria there, it was found that some water bottles harbor more bacteria than dog toys. Is this really the health benefits people are looking for? Some water bottles, with screw tops and slide tops, have dangerous levels, especially when the bottle is plastic instead of stainless steel.

Antibacterial portable water purifier

Perhaps it’s time to look into the antibacterial portable water purifier – CrazyCap.

With this UV-C light purification water bottle, the dangerous mold and bacteria won’t form, and any water can be instantly purified. The CrazyCap water bottle is a portable sterilization system that has advanced technology that sterilizes water on the go and automatically keeps the bottle and water clean.

This sterilization technology is chemical-free and prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. This bottle is like having a handheld water purifier – no more gross mold growing around the water bottle or harmful bacteria waiting to be ingested. Additionally, this water bottle is self-cleans itself, UV-C light turns ON every 4 hours to clean the bottle.

The bacteria found in water not only can be odor-causing but it can also make people sick – it can pass along e-coli, legionella, and coliform, among other bacteria that cause stomach problems, including vomiting and diarrhea, and headaches. When people fill their water bottles with unfiltered water, especially from water fountains, they run the risk of these bacteria.

UV light sterilization

The CrazyCap is a bottle that purifies the water in it. It uses advanced technology in the cap to sterilize the water using 278nm UVC light rays. This LED water filter technology, in essence, breaks up the harmful bacteria, making it harmless and non-toxic. With this rechargeable water bottle, anyone can ensure water safety with a simple touch of a button. The cap harbors a touch sensor and portless charging system to clean the water, leaving it sanitized and ready to drink.

Not only is CrazyCap great for general water purification and cleansing, to fight the mold growth so commonly found in bottles and combat odor, but it is also practical for boil water alerts when traveling abroad, and for sterilizing water when camping or hiking. It makes water from any questionable source potable.

CrazyCap fits on any cola style water bottle like Swell, MIRA, Simple modern, HoneyHolly, BonBon, Live Long Life, and many more. If you dont have a compatible bottle, you can purchase CrazyCap water bottle a complete system. The double-walled stainless steel bottles come in an array of colors including blush, cyan, red and white. This cutting edge UVC sterilization technology will eliminate the risk of drinking contaminated water, no matter the source. Isn’t it time to say goodbye to odors, mold, and bacteria from water bottles?

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