Is a UV Light Water Purification Even Possible?

Is a UV Light Water Purification Bottle Even Possible?

Before the need for a UV light portable water purifier ever arose, consider that the market for mass-produced water bottles is a relatively new one.

In fact, until the 1950s, disposable bottles were prohibitively expensive, leaving consumers to indulge in water processed by the local water treatment center.

Over time, as water quality and safety standards became increasingly important and the cost to produce water bottles diminished to the point that their consumption turned into an environmental concern, access to pure drinking water evolved into a right. Today, many homeowners enjoy water filtered through a pure UV ultraviolet led water purification system.

The concept of pure water is one we take for granted.

Despite technological advances, today’s sterilization systems still rely on chemical, filtration, and radiation processes to eliminate, or at least reduce, the levels of harmful pathogens in our water supply.

Most notably, bacteria like e.coli and coliform can result in significant illness and even death; the way most municipal water treatment centers ensure sterilization from these bacteria is through the chemical application of chlorine in the water supply.

Chemicals in your water

But chlorine isn’t the only chemical that through long-term exposure can cause harm to an individual’s health. Even the more advanced sterilization systems like germicidal laps release mercury into the water supply as well.

The better, safer, and more widespread and approved water sterilization processes rely on a pure UV ultraviolet led water purification system.

Bypassing through a UV water filtration system, bacteria and other microorganisms in the water supply get eliminated without adding harmful agents.

And in terms of efficacy, research has shown that only UV water filtration through a UVC led water purifier can achieve proven microbial safety without impacting the taste and odor of the water.

Although ultraviolet or UV water filtration systems aren’t new, they have typically been larger, more-permanent fixtures used in homes and offices. Even portable UV water sterilizer systems didn’t allow for the convenience and application that most water drinkers require, which means a bottle-by-bottle system.

Advances in recent technology have enabled the development of a true portable UV water sterilizer.

Just a couple of years ago, the idea of a UV filter water bottle might have seemed unrealistic and cost-prohibitive. But rather than having a UV light water purification bottle, development focused on incorporating a UVC led water purifier in the cap.

Now that manufacturers have nearly perfected reusable bottle design, incorporating a pure UV ultraviolet led water purification system in the cap makes a lot of sense. Not only does it relieve the bottle manufacturers from developing, creating, and installing a system inside each bottle, but consumers can transfer the cap from bottle to bottle.

By installing the water sterilization systems in the cap, today’s UV light water bottle allows consumers to enjoy pure water on a per-bottle basis without sacrificing taste or risking contamination. Systems like the CrazyCap demonstrate that a UV portable water purifier bottle isn’t only possible, but it isn’t a bottle at all. It’s a cap! CrazyCap is powered with an advanced 278nm 10mW UVC LED to disinfect the water and the bottle. CrazyCap has incredible battery life. A single charge can last up to 30 days.

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