Water Filtration Bottle- A Great Companion For Daily Use

Water is the essence of life - we rely on it more than we realize during our day to day life. Our bodies need to stay hydrated for us to function normally. That’s why it’s so important to have easy access to safe drinkable water at any point during your day.

CrazyCap water filtration bottle


What’s in your bottled water?

We often choose single-use plastic bottles when going to the gym or the office, as the most convenient - you simply buy one from your local store and go! We do it because on average the bottled water is considered safer to drink than tap water - but did you know that around 24% of the bottled water we buy is actually filtered tap water?

Is bottled water worse than tap water?

Moreover, according to a study, around 22% of the water sold by various bottled water brands contains free radicals that are above the health limits regulated by the state – this means an increased chance of contact with contaminants, such as E.coli. The bottled water industry is still not as rigorously regulated as municipal water, which means your regular tap water might be a safer choice on many occasions!

Ditch single-use plastic bottles for good!

However, as we all know, the single-use plastic bottles have a bad rep - and for a reason! They soil beaches and oceans all around the globe, killing millions of sea life. If you don’t want to add fuel to this disaster, we recommend switching to reusable UV light water bottles, purifiers, and water filters. They will not only make an excellent daily companion, but they will also remind you to keep hydrated all day long, keep you healthy, glowing, and fit.


Reusable bottles


Is your water tasting bad?

Even in the gym or at the office, if you don’t like drinking water directly for the tap [and we’ve all seen some questionable looking taps], the UV light water bottle will ensure your water is free from any harmful bacteria, chlorine smell, or a foul taste.

Travel light with UV light water bottle

If you plan a holiday or even a day hiking trip, packing UV light water bottle is also a must. This purification bottle will allow you to travel lighter - you won’t have to carry extra water bottles on your back - simply pack the empty water purification bottle to your backpack and refill it when needed from a lake or a river. Crazy mode 5 x purification will make water from any questionable source safe to drink. Perfect! 

Travel CrazyCap bottle


Traveling abroad?

UV light water bottle is especially needed when you travel abroad - especially to any of the developing countries in

  • Southeast Asia
  • Africa
  • South America

it can even happen in certain European countries.

We talk about tap water not safe to drink. Yes, we take it for granted in the USA that our regular municipal tap is perfectly safe to pour directly to the glass, however, it can be seriously harmful in other locations.

Tap water in places like Thailand may contain toxic viruses and bacteria, which may cause waterborne diseases. It’s especially important to treat your water using a UV light water filter in these circumstances.

 Convenient at the Airport 

Even when going through the border checks on the airport - save stress and time by packing the potable UV light water bottle. Simply refill it on the other side [you can ask at a cafe or a restaurant, and they’d be happy to do it at no e cost]. If you try to cross with your regular plastic water bottle, you’d need to leave it behind, and to buy a new bottle at the airport will cost you 3 x more.

Long car drive  

Planning a long car drive this weekend? The UV light water bottle will also be your best companion. Simply fill it at home with your tap water, tap the button in the cap to activate the normal purification, put it in your bag, and enjoy when needed. You can even put it in your cup holder if you like to stay hydrated when driving - you will cut down on buying coffees at the service stations. UV light water bottle will look after your wallet and your time - no need to stop on the way if time is of the essence.  

Staying in the hotels with questionable water

UV light water bottle also works perfectly if you stay in the hotel and really dislike the taste of tap water. If it smells of chlorine and mold than it’s a bad sign! Solve it quickly by filling up your UV light water bottle with the water from your hotel room tap and purify it. Enjoy it as usual!

Self-cleaning bottle 

UV light water bottle is also a purifier - meaning that it will not only purify your water and remove any harmful bacteria and viruses, the UV light in the cap will also purify the bottle itself! CrazyCap is a self-cleaning bottle, meaning you don’t have to worry about harmful mold in your water bottle, as with regular water filtration bottles.

7-day charge

Moreover, a single charge lasts up to 7 days, meaning that you can enjoy your UV light water bottle all week without a need to recharge it. In the case of charging the cap, simply plug it in using your regular USB socket - super easy! 


CrazyCap UV bottle cap

UV light purification in the Cap

Don’t forget that CrazyCap water bottle cap filter fits the majority of cola style bottles available on the market. It means that if you love your favorite S’well or Chilly’s water bottle, you can use it without compromising on the style. Simply buy a cap on its own and enjoy the highest level of UV light purification on the go. Perfect!

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