Water Scarcity in the World

Water is a basic necessity for life, but sadly many regions around the world do not have access to clean water. In order to help establish water for everyone, it is important to first recognize the specific issues at hand. In this article, we will cover water scarcity on Earth and how they are being approached.

Whether a shortage of bodies of water or lack of proper infrastructure, water scarcity is an issue that continues to grow as more and more water is used by a growing population. According to the United Nations (UN) in 2021, 2.3 billion people live in water stressed countries with 733 million living in critically water stressed countries.

While the issue is alarming, there are many organizations working to alleviate the issue. The World Wildlife Fund for example is working to install special tanks that can store rainwater for irrigation in Nepal along with teaching farmers how to be more economic with their crops. The UN is also working on new technology that will allow countries to have more resources to access water. While the problem is still large, it is up to us individuals to stay informed on how these issues develop and how we can help.

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