What to Look for in a Water Bottle

Using your own water bottle not only saves you money from constantly buying plastic bottles, but it is also good for the environment! However with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know what's the right one for you! In this article, we’ll go over some criteria to consider when looking for the right bottle for you.

Temperature- are you looking to carry around hot drinks like coffee and tea or keeping your water iced often? If so, an insulated container is a criteria to check into to make sure your drinks are your desired temperature.

Shape- all water bottles come in different shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to the lid. Wide mouth bottles are easier to clean and usually contain more water but its width may make it more difficult to carry around or fit in a car’s cup holder. Meanwhile a narrow mouth bottle may need a tool to clean, yet can be more accessible in carrying around.

Aesthetics- whether it is color or grip, having a water bottle that looks good also means you are more likely to use it and maintain a sustainable lifestyle!

We hope you found this information on what to look for in a water bottle helpful in your search! At WAATR, we are committed to a sustainable solution to providing clean and safe water to people across the globe. With our science backed and innovative water caps and bottles, you can have confidence the water you drink from us is safe, clean, and premium!

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