Which UV-C Water Purification Bottle is Right for You?

Ready to get a UV-C water bottle but not sure how to choose? Here’s how to pick the right UV-C water bottle for you depending on your lifestyle.

Urban Dweller

If you’re looking for a UV-C water bottle to replace bottled water in your daily life in the city, or if you just need to replace your reusable bottle to make it self-cleaning bottle to avoid musty/moldy smell coming from your bottle, then LYT is exactly what you’re looking for. An affordable, lightweight option made for daily usage and self-cleaning purpose. LYT is the perfect water bottle to grab when you’re heading to the office, to the gym, or around town.

The LYT cap has a 10-12mW UV-C LED and kills 99.99% of germs in your water in 3 minutes with a simple click. As LYT is designed keeping urban city life in consideration, it has only one standard mode of purification (i.e., 3 minute), which is more than enough for treating water from city sources. Beside the purification, LYT also offers a pro self-cleaning feature in which UV-C LED turns on every hour automatically for a few seconds to shine the interior of the bottle to prevent the mold and bacterial growth in the bottle. This feature is a key to prevent any growth of bacteria or mold inside of the bottle as a result your bottle smells and remains fresh without having to manually wash them.  All regular bottles need to be washed periodically to ensure no mold or bacteria breeds on the inner surface of the bottle. Typically, this growth happens when the saliva from backwash accumulates on the interior surface of the bottle causing the to smell bad after a few days of usage. With LYT self-cleaning feature, say goodbye to mold and musty smelling bottles. This self-cleaning feature can be turned off to conserve battery especially when you are running low. 

If you already have one of the 17 oz reusable bottles from S'Well, Mira, Simple Modern, Chilly's, etc., then you can just purchase a LYT cap only product instead of the complete unit. LYT complete units come in three sizes 17 oz, 23 oz and 25 oz . LYT 17 oz and 25 oz bottles are made of vacuum insulated 304 stainless steel material which can keep contents cold 12 hrs. and hot 6. Whereas, LYT 23 oz bottle is non-insulated and made up of a BPA-free Tritan plastic and is extremely lightweight making it the perfect bottle especially if weight is your main concern.

LYT has a proprietary port-less magnetic charger, which charges the cap in about two-hour to give 3-4 day battery life. Ideal for everyday usage and urban commute. The LYT magnetic charger is small enough to carry easily with you. 

Outdoor Enthusiast

If you love fresh air, but usually stick to parks and campgrounds where you have access to potable water, CrazyCap is the 15mW UV-C water bottle that will fit right into your outdoorsy lifestyle. CrazyCap offers extra disinfectant  protection i.e, 99.999% in Crazy Mode, which is 10 times more powerful than LYT which makes it suitable for outdoor lifestyle. Unlike LYT, CrazyCap has two different modes of purification i.e., Normal mode (99.9% purification) and Crazy mode (99.999% purification). CrazyCap is the only UV-C and self-cleaning  bottle on the market with an NSF/ANSI 55-2019 Certification for UV water purification system. CrazyCap also won multiple awards for its innovation including TIME magazine's best inventions of 2020, Outdoor retailer best inventions 2020and CNET’s overall best self-cleaning bottle for 2020, 2021 and 2022

Besides offering an extra-level of purification, CrazyCap cap is super slick and stylish. It is made of a single-piece stainless steel enclosure which seamlessly conceals the electronic, hardware, and software into a tiny bottle cap. One of the cool designs of CrazyCap is the charging system, which is indistinguishable as there are absolutely no ports or charging points of any kind. This cap is a prime example demonstrating the synergy between the design and engineering. 

CrazyCap key features

CrazyCap key features.

CrazyCap rechargeable battery lasts for up to 7 days on a single-charge, which is great when you’re off the grid outside. Moreover, you can plug the USB charging to any solar powered battery station to charge on-the-go. Plus, the insulated bottle keeps your beverages hot for 12 hrs. and cold for up to 24. CrazyCap bottles also come in a variety of colors and patterns to seamlessly transition to  your city life when you head back home. Like LYT cap only, CrazyCap Cap only also works with other bottle like S’Well, MIRA, Simple Modern, etc., 

CrazyCap also features a self-cleaning mode in which UV-C LED activates every 4 hrs unlike LYT which features pro self-cleaning. Also, CrazyCap’s self-cleaning feature can’t be turned off.

Backcountry Adventurer

If your outdoor adventures take you deep into the backcountry where you depend on natural water sources, you’ll want the HydroCap or PureMax 4D as your adventure buddy. A UV-C water bottle is a great option instead of traditional pump or squeeze filters or chemical purification methods.

HydroCap features patented spatially placed dual 20mW UV-C LEDs to give you extra purification power when you’re hydrating from a questionable water source. These spatially-placed dual LEDs minimize the shadow effect caused by micro-contaminants in the water there-by maximizing the purification. These UV-C LED systems in HydroCap provide 10,000,000X purification against a wide-range of bio-contaminants. 

Man holding HydroFlask bottle with HydroCap.


HydroCap is a cap only product and does not come with a bottle. It is designed to fit most of the popular wide-mouth bottles in the market including Hydro Flask, Iron Flask, Simple modern, Mira, Gold Armor, Klean Kanteen, etc. and can fit bottles up to 128 oz. Like LYT and CrazyCap, HydroCap also features bottle self-cleaning ability with its spatially placed dual 20mW UV-C LEDs. HydroCap self-cleaning feature can be turned off to conserve battery life. 

Quick recap on why you need HydroCap.

For the ultimate in purification and filtration when your outdoor water source contains particulates, chemicals, metals,  as well as bio-contaminants, reach for PureMax 4D. Along with ​​spatially placed dual 20mW UV-C LEDs, PureMax 4D also has a filter cartridge system featuring a proprietary blend of coconut charcoal + ion-exchange resin to capture metal and chemical contaminants and particulate debris.

Comparison of PureMax 4D with other bottles.

This UVC water bottle and filter combination gives you the freshest and safest natural water for all your outdoor backcountry adventures. The best part is WAATR offers free-shipping labels to recycle your used all filter cartridges. 

Just like HydroCap, PureMax 4D also features a pro self-cleaning feature which can be turned off on demand to conserve battery life. 

All WAATR products come with a lifetime warranty, and fantastic customer service. 

So what are you waiting for? Find your perfect UV-C purification and self-cleaning bottle at waatr.com, and unlock a true eco-conscious lifestyle! 

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