Why CrazyCap is Better Than Bottled Water

When you open a plastic bottle of water from the store, you assume that the water inside is clean and safe to drink. But a study of commercially bottled mineral water from 9 European countries and 6 non-European countries found that out of the 68 samples tested, 40% were contaminated with bacteria or fungi.

What’s Hiding in Your Bottled Water?

According to the study, bacteria was detected in 37% percent of commercially bottled water and fungi was detected in 4%, despite the fact that all of the bottles were properly sealed. The bottled water that was sampled came from countries with a wide geographical spread, including France, Italy, Australia, Mexico, India, and Canada.

If that level of possible contamination worries you, CrazyCap is the perfect alternative to bottled water, both at home and when traveling. You can fill CrazyCap from any tap (or even from a natural outdoor water source) and have clean water almost instantly.


How CrazyCap Keeps Your Water Clean

CrazyCap uses deep UV LED light to sterilize water from any source. All you have to do is fill the CrazyCap water filtration bottle (or a compatible bottle from other brands, such as S’well) and twist on the CrazyCap. Tap the top twice, and, in one minute, CrazyCap’s UV LED light will eliminate 99.1% of bacteria, viruses, and fungi. If you tap the CrazyCap five times, a two minute purifying cycle will kill 99.999% of germs.

After activating the CrazyCap cycle, you can be sure your water is safe to drink. But, as shown in the study mentioned above, you really can’t be sure what is in single-use plastic bottled water – although you can be positive that those plastic bottles are bad for the environment.

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CrazyCap is Better for the Environment

200 billion plastic water bottles are discarded globally each year, and often, the justification for using plastic bottles is that they are the only way to ensure clean water in some places. However, the study mentioned above proves that this is not necessarily true. Not only does CrazyCap provide water that is potentially cleaner and safer than single-use plastic bottles, CrazyCap is also much better for the environment. CrazyCap is reusable and rechargeable so a CrazyCap bottle could replace 20,000 plastic bottles over a lifetime of use.

Whether you’re staying at home or traveling the world, CrazyCap provides a portable and environmentally friendly source of clean water!

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