Why Insulated Water Bottles are the Best in Any Weather

(By Kate Sedrowski)

When you’re sweating it out in hot yoga or hiking in the blazing summer sun, nothing beats a refreshing sip of ice cold water. But what’s not so great is taking a big swig from your water bottle, and realizing the water is warm. While it might still hydrate you, it certainly won’t quench your thirst. You can avoid this unfortunate experience with one of the best insulated bottles from CrazyCap.

Keep Your Water Ice Cold

The way to ensure refreshingly cold water is to use an insulated water bottle. The best insulated bottles will keep your water or other beverage freezing cold for as long as 24 hours. You can even put ice in the bottle to keep your drinks extra cold, and the ice won’t immediately melt. CrazyCap bottles feature double-walled vacuum insulation, so you never have to worry that you’re going to take a sip of tepid water.

Cozy Up with a Hot Beverage

Another advantage to the best insulated bottles is that you can keep hot beverages piping hot all day long. Warm up your winter adventures like snowshoeing or skiing with a bottle full of hot cocoa. Or if you need caffeine to keep your energy up throughout the day while at work, you can ensure your coffee is not lukewarm with the best insulated bottles. In fact, CrazyCap insulated bottles will maintain the temperature of hot beverages for 12 hours.

Cleaning Your Insulated Water Bottle

One potentially overlooked factor in choosing among the best insulated water bottles is how easy it is to keep your insulated bottle clean. This is especially important when you’re putting other beverages, such as coffee or tea, in your insulated bottle, since that introduces potential contaminants (like sugar) that can grow mold. Cleaning your insulated bottles should still be a consideration even if you just use your bottle for water.

Luckily, CrazyCap is an insulated water bottle that is also self-cleaning, and you can’t get easier to clean than that! The CrazyCap bottle automatically turns on a cleaning cycle several times throughout the day, and the integrated UV light in the cap kills 99% of mold and bacteria. If you are filling your bottle with something other than water, just be sure to rinse it out when you're done, then let the automatic cleaning cycle do its job. You can always be sure that your CrazyCap insulated bottle will be fresh and ready for your next refill.

If you’re looking for the best insulated bottles, grab a CrazyCap to keep your water cold, your coffee hot, and your water bottle clean!

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  • Isabel

    Hello, I LOVE my Crzaycaps, notice the plural, as I have more than two :D.
    BUT suitable and safe temperatures of drinks to use with the bottles have always been my query & the first thing I checked with your team, please reconfirm what is the temperature for “piping hot” that the bottle or rather the cap can handle. Thank you

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