Why UV Light is the Top Water Purifier

(By Kate Sedrowski)


If you’re looking for a water purifier, you might get overwhelmed by all the options. How do you decide between the various filters and purifiers? They work in different ways, and if you don’t understand the science behind them, it can be difficult to choose the top water purifier.

What is the Difference Between Filtering and Purifying

First, you need to understand the difference between filtering and purifying water. Filtering is when a physical barrier prevents sediment, bacteria, and protozoa from passing through into the water you drink. But the holes in most water filters are 0.2 microns in size which does not stop viruses because they are smaller than that.

Purifying water, on the other hand, uses either chemical treatments or technology such as UV light to actually kill bacteria, viruses, and other organisms. Even though filtered water might look clearer because it gets rid of sediment, purified water is actually cleaner and safer.

How UV Light Works to Purify Water

If you’ve decided that purifying water is the way to go, you still have to pick the top water purifier. While chemical treatments, such as iodine tablets and Aquamira, can be good in an emergency or backcountry situation, UV light has a lot of advantages which make it the top water purifier.

UV-C light works by rupturing the proteins on the cell wall of bacteria and viruses, which causes the organisms to die. This process works quickly to eliminate pathogens, even with a low-powered UV light, which makes it both safe to use and energy-efficient.

The Bonus Of Having a Top Water Purifier Right in Your Bottle

A CrazyCap water bottle is a great choice for a water purifier, since it has a deep UV LED light embedded right in the cap. This gives you the ability to purify water at any time with a tap of the cap. Tap twice for Normal Mode, which kills 99% of microorganisms, or tap five times for Crazy Mode, which kills 99.999% of bacteria and viruses.

Since the cap is rechargeable via a port-less USB charger, you can bring a CrazyCap water purifier with you anywhere you go, and the charge lasts for about a week with normal use. It’s especially handy for traveling when you’re not confident in the water source or when you’re hiking or adventuring outside.

So if you want the top water purifier in a portable package, get a CrazyCap water bottle!

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