Why WAATR CrazyCap Bottle is the Best UV Water Purifier and Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

If you’re looking for the best UV water purifier and self-cleaning water bottle all in one convenient package, look no further than the CrazyCap bottle. CrazyCap was proudly designed in the US by WAATR and born out of necessity. With a sleek and functional design, cross-compatibility with your other water bottles, and an NSF class certification and multiple innovation awards, CrazyCap is the clear choice. 

Sleek and Functional Design

CrazyCap makes it easy to ensure clean water anywhere you go with its compact cap that’s only 2 inches tall and 2 inches wide. Despite the small package, CrazyCap packs a powerful punch as a UV purifier.

CrazyCap features a port-less USB charger, meaning the bottle’s sleek design isn’t marred by ugly ports. Plus, this ensures there’s no water leakage through a port into the electronics of the cap.

To provide longevity, CrazyCap also includes a patented shield around the UV light. In caps without a shield, over years of use, UV light rays can damage the plastic surrounding the UV light. This results in the plastic developing micro-cracks and causing water leakage into the electronics which will damage the unit. CrazyCap is the only UV water bottle cap to use a shield, which significantly increases the life of the product.

Cross-Compatibility with Your Favorite Water Bottle Brands

One big benefit of CrazyCap is cross-compatibility with many other popular water bottle brands, including S'Well, Chilly's, Mira, Simple Modern, and more. This compatibility gives you thousands of color choices and tons of size options, so everyone can find their favorite bottle.

Also, if you’re a big fan of Hydro Flask bottles, WAATR is the only company to offer a cross-compatible UV purification system which fits Hydro Flask bottles with the HydroCap

NSF Certification & Innovation Awards

CrazyCap is the only bottle to have received a NSF Class B Certification for UV water purification. In order to be granted this certification, CrazyCap has gone through a rigorous testing process. No other bottle in the industry has achieved this NSF certification.

CrazyCap has also been awarded many prestigious accolades for innovation, including being named one of TIME Best Inventions of 2020 and the Women’s Health Magazine Fit Tech Award.

Upgradable and Lifetime Warranty

Finally, CrazyCap offers upgrade options to the CrazyCap Pro if you want a more powerful purifier. The CrazyCap Pro provides 100X (or up to 99.99999% kill rate for e.coli in 3 minutes) more purification and 4X more self-cleaning power than CrazyCap 2.

Whichever CrazyCap you choose, you can rest easy in your investment in an awesome water bottle because CrazyCap comes with a lifetime warranty.

So find your perfect water bottle – which is also the best UV water purifier and self-cleaning water bottle – with CrazyCap!

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