WAATR - 40 oz

WAATR - 40 oz

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  • World's most advanced 4D purification in a bottle
  • 2X 20mW UV-C LEDs to neutralize 99.9999% germs in your water
  • 1X Advanced filtration cartridge system (coconut charcoal + ion-exchange resin) to eliminate chemical and metal contaminates
  • Self-cleaning activates every hour to keep your bottle clean so you don't have to
  • Ambient light sensor to prevent accidental activation outside the bottle



Mindful, Sustainable Living

We advocate for a pure and healthy lifestyle that’s good for oneself, their loved ones, and the world. Our bottles are a reminder that water taken from any source can be healthy, safe, and natural-tasting, and it can be made available for everyone.

Zero Mercury!

What good is removing bacteria if you end up with a neurologically toxic metal? Thanks to recent developments in LED technology and our next-gen design, CrazyCap achieves the optimal light spectrum without using any mercury.

HYBRID Bottles

Experience the taste of water like never before with 4D purification technology.

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We made clean water readily available for fast moving people living in urban cities.
Free yourself from single-use plastic, and switch to sustainable living.

Features UV Bottle Filter Bottle Regular Bottle
Purifies water
Eradicates bacteria & viruses
Keep bottle clean
Mercury free
BPA & plastic free

Lifetime Warranty

We engineered WAATR to last a lifetime. We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we are the ONLY brand committed to giving you lifetime warranty.


Lifetime Warranty

We engineered WAATR to last a lifetime. We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we are the ONLY brand committed to giving you lifetime warranty.

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Clean Water

WAATR ensures water is safe to drink by killing 99.9996% of germs lurking in your water and bottle.

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Cleans your bottle automatically. Smart UVC LED turns on every 4 hrs. to keep the bottle clean and contents fresh.

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Level Up Your Hydration, Fabulously!

Popular FAQs

◉ Quick and Easy Water Safety: Quick and easy access to your urban water safety. Perfect if you want to sanitize your water at home, school, or office. Where you almost trust the water source but not quite sure.

◉ Tap Water Enthusiast: If you are tap water enthusiast, then light is for you. LYT will ensure your tap water is safe for consumption. It uses a low power UV-C LED to sterilize your water in as little as 3 minutes.

Germ-free, sustainable living.
Healthy hydration. 
Self-cleaning mode frees you from bottle cleaning routines.
No more moldy smell in your bottle. 

Our tiny cap packs a healthy punch. An embedded UV-C LED kills waterborne bacteria and viruses by rupturing the proteins on the cell wall. In a matter of minutes, your tap water is free of germs and safe to drink.

◉ Everywhere where tap water is available. At home, gym, school, airports, etc., LYT adds an extra layer of safety to all your hydration needs.

◉ The first key difference with the LYT and CrazyCap is sterilization power. CrazyCap can sterilize up to 99.999% and LYT can sterilize up to 99.9%.

◉ The second key difference is outer cap shell. LYT shell is all plastic construction. Whereas, CrazyCap shell is all metal construction.

◉ LYT bottle cap with built-in UV-C LED (BPA-free and Mercury-free).
◉ Light-weight BPA-free Tritan reusable plastic.
◉ Easy portless charger.
◉ User’s manual
◉ One-year limited warranty

CrazyCap warrants LYT products against the defects in materials and workmanship for one-year from the date of original purchase. 

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