CrazyCap Accessories

CrazyCap 2 (Cap Only)

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✓ Cleans your bottle

✓ 100X better than chemical water purification

✓ Zero maintenance

✓ Ultra-durable design - Lifetime Warranty

✓ Destroys bacteria, viruses, cysts, etc.

✓ Port-less Charging for safety 

✓ Compatible with CrazyCap (17 oz & 25 oz). Also compatible with S'WELL, MIRA, SIMPLE MODERN, S'ip by S'well (9 oz, 12 oz, 15 oz, 17 oz).


Carabiner Clip

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Water Bottle Carabiner Clip - A Smart Way To Keep Your Stylish CrazyCap Bottle Handy 

Designed to give you the comfort you deserve, this water bottle carabiner clip is a must-have. This bottle carabiner clip attaches to the CrazyCap portable water purifier, making it convenient to carry around.

We have manufactured this carabiner clip to make your outings more convenient and hassle-free. Very practical for climbing, traveling, fishing, hiking, outing, exploring, walking or other outdoor activities.

This silicon-made water bottle carabiner clip is reliable and strong enough to use for years to come.


Carrying Handle

Regular price $6.99 $29.99
  • Only compatible with 17oz and 25oz bottle
  • The Handle is a perfect companion for carrying your CrazyCap bottle
  • Designed for comfort, convenience, and style
  • Lifetime Warranty

Replacement Charger

Regular price $7.99 $29.99
  • Replacement charger for CrazyCap 2.
  • Safety features built-in for protection from over-charge, over-discharge, and short-circuit.
  • Advanced port-less charging technology.

Soft Silicone Boot

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Make your CrazyCap bottle even more durable with a soft silicone boot. This silicone boot protects your bottle against bumps and dings. Compatible with our 17 oz CrazyCap bottle. Also compatible with other brands like CrazyCap, LYT, S’well, Mira, Simple Modern, Chilly’s and many more in sizes 9 oz, 12 oz, 15 oz, 17 oz, and 25 oz.