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  • About us

    We are building the foundation for portable water treatment systems, to help communities switch to a healthier and sustainable alternative to single use plastic water bottles.

  • Founder's Story

    After completing my Ph.D., I applied my engineering skills within the industry for several years. This job required substantial travel, during which I naively opted for bottled water to stay hydrated; it felt safer, and I was reluctant to drink from any other source. At the time, there were no compelling alternatives that could convince me to transition to more sustainable solutions without inconveniences.

    During a brief work trip to India, I continued my routine of consuming bottled water. However, to my misfortune, the bottled water I purchased from a local store on this particular day made me quite sick, prompting me to question its safety. On investigating further, I discovered that the bottled water I'd bought was tampered with, a practice all too common in the region. To my astonishment, I found that this was not exclusive to this area but prevalent in many other developing countries as well. I was taken aback to realize that the tampering of bottled water was affecting tens of thousands of people globally each year. Concurrently, I also began to comprehend the environmental threat posed by single-use plastics and the lack of sustainable alternatives in this space.

    In response, I explored numerous solutions, but found that most were neither practical nor environmentally sustainable. Motivated to address these problems, I utilized my engineering acumen to design our first product in 2018, christened CrazyCap. I selected the prefix "Crazy" as many people to whom I had presented my idea had dubbed it as such. The cap was unconventional, treating water using only light, without any chemical or filtration materials.

    Today, this once-dubbed crazy idea is providing clean drinking water to over 100,000 people!

    Rakesh Guduru, Ph.D.
    Founder & CEO

  • Our Mission

    Our mission is to transform the way people hydrate. Through the innovation of ground-breaking products, we aim to cultivate healthier and more sustainable hydration habits. We commit ourselves to revolutionize the world of hydration, ensuring every sip taken is a step towards a healthier and environmentally conscious lifestyle.

  • Our Vision

    Better water
    Better living
    Better world
    For everyone

    We believe in a world where everyone, everywhere can access clean, convenient drinking water- for a better quality of life and a more sustainable planet.

  • Our Values

    Pioneering 4D Purification™ technology with UV-C and carbon filtration

    Inspiring confidence with your water through great experience, great taste, and premium water vessels.

    All our product claims are backed by rigorous lab tests and certification process to ensure public safety.