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Sterilization up to 99.9% in three minutes Up to 99.9% in one minute, 99.999% in 2.5 minutes
Sterilization Modes One mode: Standard (3 minutes) Two Modes: Normal Mode (1 minute) Crazy Mode (2.5 minutes)
Technology UV-C LED UV-C LED
Power 10-12mW 15-20mW
Battery Life 3-4 days 7 Days
Activation Button Touch Sensor
Automatic Self-Cleaning Every hour for 20 seconds Every 4 hrs. for 20 seconds
Charging Port-less Magnetic Charger Proprietary Port-less Charger
Water Proof IPX7 IPX7
Bottle Capacity 17 oz, 25 oz 17 oz, 25 oz
Bottle Cap material Plastic Stainless Steel
Bottle material Available in Reusable Plastic and Stainless steel Available in Stainless steel
Size (in.) 2.64 x 2.64 x 10.63 2.64 x 2.64 x 10.43
Weight 0.7 lbs 0.74 lbs