CrazyCap Pro vs. Larq: Which bottle is better? (2023 Comparison)

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Looking for the best self-cleaning water bottle on the market? Look no further than our comprehensive comparison of CrazyCap vs. LARQ. This comparison provides all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next water bottle purchase.

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CrazyCap Vs. Larq Secifications

CrazyCap Pro

Self-cleaning water bottle


Self-cleaning water bottle
Price 17 oz: USD 99
25 oz: USD 119
17 oz: USD 99
25 oz: USD 118
Technology UV-C LED UV-C LED
UV-C LED Specs Power: 20 mW
Wavelength: 265-280 nm
Power: Not mentioned on their site
Wavelength: 270-275 nm
Purification Modes Normal Mode: 1 minute
Pro Mode: 3 minutes
Normal Mode: 1 minute
Adventure Mode: 3 minutes
Activation Touch Button
Disinfection Power 99.99999% E.coli in 3 minutes. Resulting in a performance that is 10 times more efficient and effective. 99.9999% E.coli in 3 minutes.
Automatic Self-Cleaning Cycles 20-second self-cleaning cycle every hour. 20-second self-cleaning cycle every 2 hours.
NSF UV Water Purification Certificate Yes, the only UV bottle that is tested & certified by NSF. No, it has not been tested or certified by NSF.
Accidental Exposure Safety CrazyCap's contactless near-field sensor is a cutting-edge feature that sets our self-cleaning water bottle apart. This innovative sensor detects the bottle's presence and ensures that the UV-C LED technology is functional only when the lid is securely attached. This mechanism not only guarantees optimal performance but also enhances safety by automatically turning off the UV-C LED even in a darkroom, preventing accidental exposure. Larq's bottle includes an ambient light sensor, which will not turn off the UV-C LED in a dark room, which could be a potential safety hazard.
Charging Ports No visible charging ports on the cap. Making it fully water-resistant Visible micro USB charging ports on the cap.
Hydration Reminders Yes, CrazyCap is inbuilt with optional hydration reminders, which can be turned OFF/ON depending on user preference. No.
Charger CrazyCap's Portless Charger is equipped with two sets of advanced safety features, with one set integrated into the charger and the other located inside the cap itself. These features, which include overcharge protection, over-discharge protection, and short-circuit protection, work together to provide a redundant and reliable charging experience for our customers. With safety at the forefront of our design, you can rest assured that our charger will always keep your devices safe and secure. Larq is charged via a standard micro-USB charger.
A standard micro-USB could be a desired feature for some users, as one can use any existing chargers on the market.
Dimensions 17 OZ Wide: 2.8 Inch
Depth: 2.8 inch
Height: 11 inch
25 OZ Wide: 3 Inch
Depth: 3 inch
Height: 12 inch
17 OZ Wide: 2.7 Inch
Depth: 2.7 inch
Height: 10.6 inch
25 OZ Wide: 3 Inch
Depth: 3 inch
Height: 10.4 inch
Weight 17 OZ 0.7 lb
25 OZ 1 lb
17 OZ 0.84 lb
25 OZ 1.06 lb
Warranty 10 years from the date of purchase. 2 years from the date of purchase.
Battery Life Battery lasts up to 7-days on a single-charge because of its smaller size & 2X more self-cleaning cycles. Battery lasts up to 30-days on a single-charge.

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