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The Athlete's Choice for Self-cleaning Water Bottle

Introducing: LYT

Athlete-Ready! Starting at just $49

LYT integrates a powerful 12mW UV-C LED into its design, ensuring top-tier self-cleaning performance. Crafted with a durable, lightweight, and rugged construction, it stands up to daily use while ensuring pure hydration. Whether at the office, hitting the gym, or relaxing at home, the LYT self-cleaning water bottle is your reliable hydration partner for every part of your day.

LYT's Bottle Cap is

Light. Durable.

It's made entirely from a special kind of plastic that is both lightweight and tough. This makes the bottle easy to carry around but strong enough to withstand heavy use. Plus, the sleek design of the cap gives your LYT bottle a stylish and rugged look.

LYT Bottle - available in

Stainless Steel

    Experience the luxury of our premium, vacuum-insulated 304 SS bottle. It's designed to keep your beverages cold for up to 12 hrs or hot for up to 6 hrs, ensuring optimal temperature control for your drinks.

LYT Bottle - available in

Tritan Plastic

    Experience the convenience of our lightweight, dent-resistant bottle. Constructed with reusable BPA-free Tritan plastic, it offers a superior alternative to heavier steel or glass bottles.

12 mW UV-C LED

This cutting-edge self-cleaning technology, maintains the hygiene and freshness of your bottle effortlessly.

Lasts ~90K cycles

Built to withstand up to 90,000 self-cleaning cycles, our design guarantees a long-lasting, odor-free hydration experience for years to come.

100% Mercury-Free

Our UV-C LEDs are free from toxic metals such as mercury, ensuring that your hydration partner is as clean and environmentally friendly as it is efficient.

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LYT Bottle

Benefits at a Glance

  • Efficient self-cleaning water bottle.
  • Eliminates musty odors, maintaining freshness.
  • Employs UV treatment to eradicate 99.99% of E.coli in just 3 minutes.
  • Boasts a robust yet lightweight design.
  • Offers peace of mind with a comprehensive 10-year warranty.
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