PureMax 4D Bottle - Hydration Revolution

Upgrade your hydration game with PureMax 4D - filtered self-cleaning water bottle. The ultimate solution for clean and safe drinking water on-the-go. Featuring advanced 4D purification, modular filters, and self-cleaning features, this is the future of hydration. Join the revolution with PureMax 4D.

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Shipping Tips

Order now and ship by Monday, June 5

PureMax 4D - 25 oz

Filtered self-cleaning water bottle

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4D Purified water
Tailored filtration
Keeps cold 24 hours
DUAL UV-C self-cleaning

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WAATR PureMax 4D 

  • 4D Purification® technology: 2x UV-C LEDs destroy bio-contaminants and coconut charcoal filters impurities in the water as you sip for maximum purification
  • Patented Spatially Placed Dual UV-C LEDs: Two is better than one. The patented spatially placed dual UV-C LEDs are designed to minimize the shadow effects caused by microscopic contaminants and enhance the UV-C exposure to destroy a wide range of bio-contaminants
  • Pro Self-Cleaning Bottle: UV-C LEDs activate every hour to keep the bottle odor-free 
  • Filter Cartridges: Pair your PureMax with one of the Filter Cartridges; 1) Purist Filter Cartridge: Coconut charcoal filter that reduces particulate, metal, and chemical contaminants. 2) Artesian Filter Cartridge: Purist filter + Proprietary blend of minerals to enhance the taste of regular water to artesian-tasting water. 3) Alkaline Filter Cartridge: Purist filter + Proprietary blend of minerals to enhance the pH of the water. Note: PureMax 4D bottle can also be used without the filter cartridges 
  • Spout Design: For convenient drinking 
  • Rainbow Handle: For convenient carrying
  • Wide-Mouth Bottle Design: Perfect for UV treat small objects inside the bottle
  • TSA-Friendly Design 
  • Lifetime Warranty

Included in the box:  

  • 4D Purification bottle cap
  • 25 oz triple wall vacuum insulated 18/8 stainless steel bottle (Limited Edition Bottle) 
  • 1x ARTESIAN filter 
  • 1x PURIST filter 
  • User manual 
  • Portless magnetic charger 

4D Purification

The 4D Purification™ system represents an innovative approach to water filtration that incorporates a time-dependent variable to traditional filtration methods. By adding a significant time-dependent purification step to the three-dimensional filtration in the filter cartridge system, the 4D Purification™ system provides a more comprehensive and efficient water purification process, resulting in increased purity and safety of drinking water.

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Dr. Rothblatt, the visionary Founder, CEO, and Chairwoman of United Therapeutics & Founder of Sirius XM, recognized the unwavering dedication of her employees amidst challenging times. To express her gratitude, she gifted every team member a WAATR bottle. Dr. Rothblatt enthusiastically remarked, "I'm a #1 Fan of WAATR! Thank you for creating such an outstanding product and sharing it with all of us."



4D Purification

Combines traditional filtration with time-dependent UV-C purification to deliver ultra-clean water.


Powered by 2X advanced 20mW UV-C LED, making it 10X more purification & 4X more self-cleaning than any other UV water bottle on the market.

Mix & Match

Mix and match your bottle with one of our 3 special filters to enhance your everyday drinking. Note: filter cartridges are optional, and PureMax can also operate in UV-C purification mode only.

Pro Self-Cleaning Water Bottle

UV-C LED activates for 20 seconds automatically every hour to keep your bottle odor-free.

Hydration Reminder

Optional hydration reminder intelligently reminds you to stay hydrated.

Safe Charging

Magnetic charging for ergonomic look & safety against water leakages. USB end plugs into the wall adaptor & charger end attaches to the bottle cap.

Insulation Technology

Icy cold for up to 24 hours without breaking a sweat.

Long-Lasting Battery Life

Rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts up to 7 days on a single charge. Built-in with over-charge & over-discharge protection to ensure safety.

Multi-Color Indicator LEDs

Ensures easy visualization of various functions.

Convenience on-the-go

PureMax 4D is perfect for those who are on-the-go. The foldable spout, rainbow handle, and leak-proof design means you can have easy access to ultra-purified water wherever you go.

Upgrade your hydration game with PureMax 4D and experience the ultimate in clean, convenient, and safe drinking water!


Ultra-Clean Water

Experience impurity-free, ultra-clean water with advanced 4D purification technology.

Advanced Purification

Dual UV-C LEDs and filter cartridge provide superior purification for the cleanest water.


Effortless maintenance. Say goodbye to cleaning your bottle and hello to the power of UV. 20-second hourly UV-C LED activation keeps your bottle fresh with ease.

Convenience On-The-Go

Enjoy easy access to ultra-purified water with the leak-proof design, foldable spout, and rainbow handle of PureMax 4D.


Perfect companion for camping, hiking, and travel with its durable and versatile design.

Tailored Filtration

Tailor your drinking experience with 3 different filter options: Purist, Artesian, Alkaline.

Ice-Friendly Hydration

Stay cool all day long with our wide-mouth water bottle - perfect for pouring in ice and keeping your drink refreshing.


The PureMax 4D water bottle is built to last with durable materials and a long-lasting battery life, making it the perfect companion for multiple trips and adventures for up to 10 years.


Save money and reduce plastic waste with the cost-effective solution to buying bottled.


Experience the award-winning design and exceptional functionality with PureMax 4D, the ultimate solution for clean and safe drinking water.


How it works

Discover the advanced technology behind PureMax 4D's superior
filtration and self-cleaning capabilities.

In the Box

In the Box

PureMax 4D Cap

In the Box

Triple Insulated Bottle

In the Box

Port-less Magnetic Charger

In the Box

Purist Filter & Artesian Filter

In the Box

User Manual

Which is the Best for You?

Which is the Best for You?

PURIST cartridge

Premium Filter with coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin
Which is the Best for You?

ALKALINE cartridge

pH enhancers with coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin
Which is the Best for You?

ARTESIAN cartridge

Artesian minerals with coconut charcoal and ion-exchange resin

Why PureMax 4D?

Powered by cutting-edge 4D Purification™ technology that first treats your water by destroying bio-contaminants using two powerful UV-C LEDs. These UV-C LEDs are intelligently placed inside the cap to achieve 1000000X purification by minimizing the shadow effect caused by microscopic contaminants. Second, a state-of-the-art multistage filter cartridge system further purifies your water by removing various chemical, metal, particulate, and micro-plastic impurities.

Features PureMax 4D UV Bottle Filter Bottle Regular Bottle
Floating filter design to mininize reverse contamination
Filters particulate matter
Filters heavy metals
Filters micro-plastics
Filters various chemical including PFAS
Eradicates bacteria & viruses
Self-cleans bottle
Mercury free
BPA & plastic free

Lifetime Warranty

We engineered WAATR to last a lifetime. We are so confident in our craftsmanship that we are the ONLY brand committed to giving you lifetime warranty on ALL OUR PRODUCTS.


Constantly Purified

Purify your water at a touch with our CrazyCap, HydroCap, and LYT models. Upgrade to the ultimate water experience with our PureMax 4D, which re-filters your water as you sip.

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Clean bottle, too.

Keep bad odors, mold, and mildew out of your drinking bottle with our self-cleaning feature. So you automatically start with a fresh, clean bottle before every refill.

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Zero plastic waste.

All parts of WAATR products are designed to last, and then be fully recyclable. A single cap/bottle used correctly can also keep 1,460 plastic bottles out of landfills each year.

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Level Up Your Hydration, Fabulously!

Popular FAQs

Here are 15 reasons why you need WAATR!

1) Powerful Double UV-C LEDs: Germicidal efficacy 99.999999%

2) Modular Filter Cartridges: For filtrated, tasty, and alkaline water

3) Water Filter Analytics: Uncovers the truth about what’s in your water

4) Pro Self-Cleaning: Activates every hour for 20 seconds to keep your bottle stink-free

5) Sterilizes Various Objects: Bottle mouth is wide enough to insert objects as big as a cell phone to kill the germs lurking on their surfaces

6) RGB Status Indicators: For easy status notifications

7) Hydration Reminders: Smart Hydration Reminder will alert you every 30 minutes to take a sip for optimal hydration. It automatically shuts ON/OFF the reminders based on your bottle usage

8) Wide Bottle Mouth: You can easily add ICE into your bottle

9) Premium Grade Bottle: Triple Insulated, Pro-Grade Stainless Steel, Superior Powder-Coated Finish

10) Easy Upgrade: The WAATR cap is designed to fit wide bottles from 25 oz to 40 oz

11) Convenient Rainbow Handle: Makes carrying the bottle easy

12) Port-less Magnetic Charger: Ensures 360-degree water seal for safety

13) Re-Craftable Design: The WAATR bottle cap is completely re-craftable. We will add life back to your WAATR bottle cap by using genuine materials and exceptional craftsmanship

14) Travel Friendly: WAATR bottles are TSA pre-approved

15) Spout Design: Avoids cross-contamination

Click here to access WAATR's warranty and return policy. https://waatr.com/pages/warranty?_pos=2&_sid=8e1dda07e&_ss=r
We ship to most countries.
The PURIST filter's lifetime is 60 days. The ARTESIAN and ALKALINE filter is 30 days at 64 oz per day water consumption.
Yes, tilting is required as water has to pass through the filter using gravity and a little bit of suction force. Because of the floating design of the filter. Which was intentionally created to avoid reverse contamination (RC). RC is a major drawback of all the filters in the market. They sit inside the water, and over time they reserve contaminate the water.
UV-c light highly effective against NTM. We tested the NTM strain using one of our other model (crazyCap Pro), and results were exceptional. PureMax 4D is 100X more stronger than CrazyCap Pro. So the performance is 100X better. Access the lab test results: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0250/1895/7910/files/152109621_M._terrae_Final_Report.pdf?v=1646709287

There is no indication on this version of Waatr, but we can incorporate it on the next one!

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